Private, monitored, encrypted CyberSecure Cloud

A private dedicated cloud with enterprise-level encrypted storage, end-to-end encrypted chat and video teleconferencing that can support up to 100 simultaneous connections.

CyberSecure Private Cloud

Get a secure private cloud configured for you with the following:

  1. Secure, encrypted end-to-end chat, file storage (10 GB), and video teleconferencing
  2. We’ll set up everything on your own domain (no-third party domains)
  3. Strong access/user/credential management by default
  4. Automatic security updates for critical vulnerabilities
  5. Active monitoring for cybersecurity vulnerabilities
  6. Dedicated instance of hardware

$24.99 USD pays for installation and the first month of service for maximum 10 users. Contact us if you have more users. After, it’s priced at a per-user basis ($5.99 USD/user/month) if you want to continue service + a flat fee of $19.99 USD a month.


For more than 10 users; contact our team to book a demo with a technical expert and discuss custom pricing options.

Anti-phishing simulation and training

We conduct a phishing simulation on your company and employees, then use the results to inform a training and onboarding process that should keep your employees much more secure from phishing attacks.

What our clients say

“CyberSecure was key in the launch of our security trainings.”

Gautam Tambay, CEO and co-founder, Springboard

“CyberSecure […] has been instrumental in the successful implementation of advanced web and network security at Airsoft Innovations Inc. This has resulted in several high risk attempts being caught before damage could be done.” 

Jonathan Yarish, Head of Operations, Airsoft Innovations