About Us

About CyberSecure

CyberSecure came about because us, the co-founders, worked for startups throughout our career. We noticed that startups are positioned to grow as quickly and as furiously as possible, but made some sacrifices to make that happen. One of those sacrifices, inevitably, came to be good cybersecurity practices — which can slow down a ravenous team dedicated to getting more features in front of their customers.

It’s tempting to take shortcuts in the short-term, especially since the costs are so unknown for cybersecurity. What we noticed was that startups tend to put cybersecurity as a secondary priority at best, if that. In a world of escalating attacks, where states are held by ransomware, and the ability to track people’s movements and attack vulnerable data has never been higher, this simply isn’t good enough.

We want to lower the time and monetary cost associated with cybersecurity to an order of magnitude where every small-to-medium sized business and startup in the world starts off with good cybersecurity practices rather than having to build them in a time of emergency. We want to keep you, your customers, and stakeholders secure.

In a world where leaked customer credit cards and data is acted upon instantly by cybercriminals, we’re there to harden your defenses and to react right away if something goes wrong.

Our Mission and Vision

Our vision is to help startups, SMBs and forward-facing companies get the enterprise-level cybersecurity they need without breaking the bank. To this end, we are pioneering new products and services that scale well in terms of cost and solve emerging and present cybersecurity issues.

Our Services And Products

We offer anti-phishing training and CISO-as-a-service (an ongoing audit and monitoring package where we serve as your tailored cybersecurity monitoring team). We also do hosted instances of private encrypted video conferencing and chat.

The Co-Founders

Roger Huang

Launched cybersecurity course with Springboard, helped startups raise $400mn+ in VC.

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Jeff Alyanak

Deep experience in software, hardware, & database design. Specializing in low level code. Network security/ cybersecurity expert.

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